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Adam Bryant's Successful Office Culture Keynote is Full of Tips

 - Jun 29, 2014
References: topics.nytimes & youtube
In this successful office culture keynote, Adam Bryant discusses how a healthy company culture is an increasingly important factor when it comes to how well different businesses perform.

In the talk, the deputy national editor of The New York Times and author of several books explains the lessons he has gathered from interviewing more than 300 CEOs and business leaders for his latest book about the culture of innovation in the workplace. Bryant highlights the different themes and patterns he picked up on during the course of his interviews, which always steered towards company culture. In the successful office culture keynote, Bryant talks about the biggest drivers of culture, the things that if done will have an outsized positive impact and if done badly or not at all, will have an outsized negative impact.

"I really think that culture is increasingly the X factor that's going to separate companies. You can have two companies with a similar strategy, similar backing and the one that's going to win is the one with the better culture," says Bryant.