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Simon Sinek's Leadership Dynamics Keynote is Powerful and Inspiring

 - Mar 29, 2014
References: startwithwhy & vimeo
Blasting the audience with inspiration and thought-provoking common sense, Simon Sinek gives a powerful leadership dynamics keynote.

In this in-depth leadership talk, the renowned leadership expert shows the audience the difference between "authority" and "leadership" by using a case study where a leader risked their own life so others could survive, where in the business world, it's the other way round.

Sinek says that good leaders are not born like that, they're made like that because biologically we are wired in a way that only serves our self-interest.

Revealing to the audience how leadership and trust is attainable, Sinek discusses how leaders should make their staff feel safe in the work environment or these people will end up exerting effort to find their own ways to feel safe and secure instead of using that effort for productivity.