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Simon Sinek Talks About His Tools for Getting a Career That Matters to You

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: startwithwhy & youtube
In this talk with Author and International Speaker Simon Sinek, he reveals how being authentic is a necessary quality to help a person find the right job.

He explains that the ability to communicate why you want a specific job and why you chose it over another increases the likelihood that one will be able to convince prospective employers that they are fit for that career opportunity. He also advises viewers that when they go to a job interview that they should take the opportunity to interview their interviewer as well. This shows your passion for the job and helps you learn how you can excel at it should you get the position. In this insightful conversation, Simon Sinek gives plenty of practical advice for those looking for a way to improve their job-seeking skills in a concise and tangible manner.