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Bismarck Lepe’s Workplace Balance Keynote Balances Culture and Strategy

 - Mar 28, 2014
References: ooyala & fastcompany
Bismarck Lepe’s workplace balance keynote emphasis the importance of a proportioned workplace, which implements the importance of both culture and strategy.

When you’re starting out a business, it is crucial to hire people who embody the culture that you want to build, be it hard-working, entrepreneurial or intelligent.  While culture and strategy for hand in hand, there is a certain time when culture is more important than strategy. This creates a foundation and continues to propagate against the entire organization, and sets the bar right for a productive and advantageous work environment.

Eventually the company will grow and the shift will merge into strategy which will ultimately become more important. Lepe implies that you can’t solely drive on culture, hereafter strategy will easily take care of itself and your environment will find an even balance.