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Bill McDermott's Prioritizing Speech Encourages Family First

 - Oct 30, 2014
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CEO of the SAP AG software brand Bill McDermott shares this powerful prioritizing speech in which he strongly suggests that companies and employees put their families and love life first and their work second.

In a world where earning money often takes first priority it can be easy to forget about the birthdays, miss family outings and put work overtime instead of going home to family. McDermott suggests that we need to approach the workplace from a more balanced perspective and make time for the people we love. After all, no one is remembered for being the first person to show up at work each morning -- but people will remember the special occasions that you missed because of work.

"Give it everything you can to be there for the important moments," McDermott says. "The office will find a way to compensate for that gap. It'll show people around you that you're a company that stands for more than the bottom line."