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Suezette Robotham's Talk About Authenticity Discusses Covering at Work

 - Dec 31, 2015
In her talk about authenticity, Suezette Robotham explains how to find and be yourself in the workplace. Dubbed the 'talent whisperer,' the speaker discusses the phenomena of "covering" at work and how this affects employee loyalty.

In a humorous speech the human capital expert shares some of her own past and lists statistics on people -- especially women and minorites -- hiding an aspect of who they are at work on a regular basis. Even though many feel this behavior is expected of them by their bosses or an office norm, it is exhausting and eventually leads to poor organizational retention.

The talk about authenticity gives five steps to be yourself at work. This involves reflection on what you need to thrive and grow in the workplace, building a trusting and open relationship with management, acceptance of risk-taking, leveraging the people around you and knowing when it is time to leave.