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The Jolynn Minnaar talk about insecurity offers advice to young creatives (specifically women) who... Need Inspiration?

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Jolynn Minnaar's Talk About Insecurity Speaks to Young Creatives

 - Jan 9, 2015
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In her talk about insecurity, documentary filmmaker Jolynn Minnaar discusses how fear of creating can be combated by trusting your head, trusting your heart and trusting your gut.

The young director, cinematographer and photographer explains why trusting your mental capabilities is important in the creative world. The speaker encourages young creatives entering a new space to use the wealth of and easy access to information online to immerse themselves in their topic.

The talk about insecurity states women have a unique way of seeing the world and that they can be as open and vulnerable as people on the other end of the lens. Minnaar prizes the ability to be human, humble and remarkably honest.

Her biggest piece of advice is to always back yourself and to align the head, heart and gut instinct. She notes when you trust your authenticity, you allow others to do the same. She feels there is a lack of genuine artwork and honest reflection, and so encourages people to tell their own stories.