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Julian Treasure's Communication Keynote Speech Offers Easy Tips to Apply

 - Jul 24, 2014
References: juliantreasure & youtube
Julian Treasure's communication keynote speech introduces his seven deadly sins of speaking today. People are constantly experiencing trying to share a story or an idea and people do not listen and he hopes to teach people to be heard.

According to Treasure, the seven sins include gossip, judgement, negativity, complaining, excuses, exaggeration and dogmatism. In summary, Treasure believes that people need to think more consciously of what is coming out of their mouths -- no one wants to listen to endless complaining, negativity or feel as if they are being judged or worse -- lied to.

Treasure's solution lies in his acronym 'HAIL,' which stands for honesty, authenticity, integrity and love (not in the romantic sense, but in wishing people well and being positive when speaking).

He also encourages people to think about their pace, their pitch and whether or not they seem as if they are asking a question when really they aren't.

He also notes that research shows people will vote for candidates with lower voices because we trust deeper voices as they imply power and strength.

Complete with easy to apply tips and fascinating anecdotes, Treasure's communication keynote speech is applicable to any business.