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Nicole Young’s Journalism Speech Discusses Making Small Voices Heard

 - Jul 11, 2014
In her journalism speech, Nicole Young describes the role of a journalist as trying to find stories within chaotic circumstances and to share the stories of people who need to be heard. In her mission to give people a voice, she covered the great recession in florida in 2011. This resulted in a segment where homeless kids explained what it was like to be hungry. Viewers responded to the story by donating millions of dollars to the children and offering their families jobs and food.

Young continues her journalism speech with a second story about the border between Jordan and Syria because the harder a story is to do, the more important it is. As a part of the Syrian crisis, every single day hundreds if not thousands are crossing the border resulting in record numbers of refugees not seen since World War 2. The talk concludes with Young saying journalists shouldn’t make stories up, but instead do their best to tell the important ones and hope the world listens.