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Kurt Andersen's Journalism Talk on Truth and the Future of Media

 - Aug 31, 2013
References: kurtandersen & youtu.be
Speaker Kurt Andersen talks about the future of media in this journalism talk. Andersen states that there's no going back to the days before the Internet, when there were only a handful of news networks, delivering truth to the masses. He also points out that most probably wouldn't want to go back to a time like that.

Andersen does hope that the future of journalism will include networks and individuals who remain unbiased and do their best to get to the truth. He believes that this will be the biggest challenge faced by future journalists. Andersen points out that there will always be the right-wing version of events, the left-wing version, the Islamic version, and the truth.

Andersen says that the truth seems to have gotten a bad reputation over the past few decades, but it should remain the heart of journalism.