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Katie Couric's 2014 Commencement Speech Discusses New and Old Media Ideas

 - May 13, 2014
References: youtu.be
This 2014 commencement speech is delivered by celebrated news anchor Katie Couric. The female broadcaster speaks to the graduating class at American University in Washington DC. The main thesis of her graduation address is that when everything is in flux, opportunities abound.

The 2014 commencement speech centers around crowdsourced questions, covering concepts like traditional versus new media, professional obstacles Couric has had to overcome and work balance. Given Couric's profession as a broadcast journalist, the speech is heavily weighted on the subject of media and communications. She notes that in the area of film and visual medias, now more than ever it is a meritocracy. She also speaks to the importance of 'old' journalistic ideals like quality content, good sources and storytelling.

She also emphasizes having a positive outlook and not being afraid to be the low man on the totem pole.