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Roz Savage Discusses the Power of Adaptation in Her Rowing Speech

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: rozsavage & youtube
The former management consultant turned ocean rower Roz Savage deals with the power of adaptation and perseverance in her rowing speech. The current ocean rower Roz Savage quit her high power job to pursue her career in being an ocean rower. Savage tells the audience of her former solo trip across the Atlantic Ocean and her commencement of the third leg of her Pacific Ocean solo row, becoming the first woman ever to make a solo trip across the Pacific.

In her rowing speech, Savage tells the audience of the lessons learnt and extends them into the current environmental challenges that we currently face. After 11 years of working in an office, Savage realized consulting wasn't for her and decided to row across the Atlantic Ocean, which ended up being the hardest feat she has ever done.

Savage tells the viewers that as she reached the halfway mark, all four oars, her only means of propulsion, broke. After several failed attempts at fixing the oars, she reflects on how resourceful one can become when one is stuck in a position where one is in the middle of an ocean, with only one way to cross.

The oars became a symbol of Savage's adaptation and perseverance. It became a symbol of overcoming and surpassing her own perceived limitations and how it eventually led her to success.