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The Katie Couric Keynote Addresses Boston University's Graduating Class

 - Jul 12, 2012
References: biography & youtube
The Katie Couric keynote provides the graduating class of 2011 with life lessons, helpful tips and insightful quotes to live a life full of success. She reflects back on her own journey, and shares integral life lessons that took her down the path she is on today.

Katie Couric discusses the global job market and economics that make entering the work force frightening, but emphasizes that each individual is the master of their own fate. Katie describes the increasing addiction youth have to social networking, and the powerful effects of technology in our world.

She speaks about youthful idealism, and encourages her audience to stand apart, and not be discouraged by pitfalls. Katie Couric's keynote inspires young graduates to improve the world one day at a time, and to find joy, be grateful and enjoy the journey of life.