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Arianna Huffington's Commencement Speech on Success Caters to a Female Audience

 - May 10, 2014
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In her 2013 Smith College commencement speech on success, Arianna Huffington spoke about what it means to redefine success. Instead of success equalling money and power, which is unsustainable for people and the planet, she proposed the women's liberal arts college graduates take their place at the top of the world by saving it. By introducing a third metric to measure success, they could truly start the third women's revolution.

Huffington's entertaining commencement speech on success, which also served as a call to arms, went through several alternative ways to define success. This includes wellbeing, wonder, wisdom and the ability to give back.

She also strongly encouraged the female audience to sleep their way to the top by getting enough rest and not driving themselves too hard at the cost of their health.