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Alan E. Hall's Adversity Keynote Explains What We Learn from Obstacles

 - Apr 3, 2014
References: alanehall & youtube
Alan E. Hall's adversity keynote addresses the necessity for hardships, and explains the importance of enduring difficulties.

He has had a number of crucibles that happened to be defining moments for him. These ordeals, however difficult they may have been, were what set him on the path that he is on now. What came out of his adversities was all the power and energy he needed to be successful. Hall admits that these moments were merely tests, but you must want to be tested. By accepting challenges, and passing the test, it shows you who you really want to become.

Without tribulations, one can never realize their full potential. Obstacles make success worth fighting for, and much more satisfying upon accomplishments. By accepting adversity, we can grow and continue to fulfill out maximum potential.