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Lars Björk’s Workplace Culture Keynotes Maintain the Importance of Variety

 - Apr 3, 2014
References: techonomy & fastcompany
Lars Björk’s workplace culture keynotes expresses the notion of hiring talent and diversity in the office.

Björk emphasizes hiring talent in the market to surround your employees with skillful staff which will create a diversified team of people. It is important to empower the team, by doing so, innovation is bound to come out of it. An interesting idea that Björk mentions is to involve the team in the direction of the company, so that they feel welcomed and important to the status and direction of the enterprise.  Björk also knows the value of making mistakes; if a company does not allow for that to happen, they will never see good things coming out. Mistakes allow for more creativity by learning new processes and trying different tactics for potentially innovative outcomes.

Having a diversified team that is involved with the company and not worried about being reprimanded for mistakes allows both the enterprise and the individual to grow and become successful.