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Sheryl Sandberg's Female Empowerment Speech Talks the Impostor Syndrome

 - Jan 8, 2014
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This female empowerment speech by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg focuses on the 'Impostor Syndrome,' a concept featured in her book 'Lean In.'

The Impostor Syndrome happens when women attribute their success to external factors as opposed to their personal competence and intelligence. This, as Sheryl concludes, rarely ever happens with men -- and people will unlikely view it otherwise. Sheryl notes that if women don't attribute their success to something else other than their own doing, other people will.

She explains how she herself, an extremely successful, ambitious and motivated woman falls victim to this. Women need to start owning their successes and not letting others defining their triumphs in the workplace. The Impostor Syndrome only perpetuates the perception that women are inferior in the workplace.

Sheryl's female empowerment speech brings up an extremely relevant and important point that many avoid discussing.