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The Tim Minchin address at the University of Western Australia offers the new graduates...

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Tim Minchin's Profound Graduation Speech Gives Hilariously Eloquent Life Advice

 - Oct 10, 2013
References: youtu.be
In his profound graduation speech given at the University of Western Australia, comedian and musician Tim Minchin offers the arts and science graduates life lessons. Minchin received an honorary doctorate from his alma mater. Despite his unconventional appearance, the dreadlocked speaker gives an eloquent and hilarious address that is sure to make young people rethink their outlook on life.

His nine tips are also not what one may expect from a commencement address, but is all the more meaningful for it. He starts his profound graduation speech by saying one does not need a dream, and should be 'micro-ambitious' instead. He tells the audience not to seek happiness, and stresses everything in life is luck. He is an advocate of exercise, critical thinking, teaching and being respectful of less powerful people. He also believes in defining oneself by the things you love, rather than the things you stand in opposition to. Lastly, he encourages the new graduates not to rush through life.