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Cory Booker's Hard Work Commencement Speech Emphasizes Life Standards

 - Jul 4, 2012
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The importance of hard work is appreciated and singled out by politician and mayor of Newark New Jersey Cory Booker in his Stanford University hard work commencement address. As one of the most respected political voices in American politics today, Booker emphasizes how "the tassle is work the hassle" in terms of receiving a university education.

Tackling the concept of change, Booker speaks to the importance of women in setting a new standard and integrating new innovations. Sharing some of the lessons that were passed on to him by his father and grandfather, Booker explains the way that people should work on coming into their own personalities and the standards they should set for themselves.

Booker's hard work commencement speech for Stanford University hits some current issues that are ongoing and affect every graduate and human being of the modern day.