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Neal Petersen Discusses the Joy in Finding the Solution to a Problem

 - Mar 30, 2012
References: no-barriers & youtube
Neal Petersen was a professional sailor and engineer who participated in the solo 'Around Alone' yacht race, travelling around the world, taking on a series of challenges. In his highly theatrical and visual performance, Peterson shares a striking anecdote from his racing experiences, emphasizing the importance of spontaneous problem solving and the joys of finding a solution.

He begins his presentation by dramatically walking out from a fog, outlining a narrative of when his sail boat was hit by a Russian freit ship. Although his ship had a huge hole and the coast guard suggested he abandon his efforts in the race, Peterson's fierce determination took hold. He pumped water from the hull of his boat for endless hours, exhausting himself for 15 days. His hard work and relentless determination paid off, as he finished third in his class.

He concludes stressing the importance of determination in finding solutions. Transitioning through business cultures can take a serious amount of work, but the work is needed in order to make an impact. The strife and stress of change must be undertaken for the greater cause of business.