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Neal Petersen Discusses the Benefits of Troubled Waters

 - Feb 23, 2012
References: no-barriers & youtube
Neal Petersen participated in the solo "Around Alone" yachtsman race, traveling through troubled waters for nine months in a solo exhibition. Sharing energetic anecdotes from his personal life, Peterson confronts the challenges faced in business and everyday life.

He warns that ego can destroy the tools needed to face these challenges, but passion can build any organization into the sky. He explains that it is important to frequently practice an attitude adjustment. He shares that he was born with three advantages: prejudice, economic hardship and disability. Peterson describes this baggage as treasure, illustrating that a perspective can create a completely different life. His baggage became challenges and life lessons.

An idea and vision must constantly be refreshed. Petersen urges optimism even in facing risk and challenge. He prompts the audience saying, "There are no barriers, there are only solutions." He closes, empowering the audience to turn baggage into treasures.