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The Dan Roam speeches emphasize how pictures can be used as an effective tool for problem-solving....

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Dan Roam Explains The Power of Visual Processing When Solving Problems

 - Feb 23, 2012
References: danroam & youtu.be
'The Back of The Napkin' author Dan Roam gives his audience a simple proposition that involves solving problems with the use of pictures. Believing that images are the best solution to clarifying complex problems, the speaker stresses the awe-inspiring power of pictures.

Roam shares a belief that any problem can be articulated in an easier way with the use of simplistic imagery. The speaker calls humans 'visual beings,' highlighting the importance of visual processing in relation to problem solving.

Individuals have dedicated more than half of their brain to processing visual information. The speaker states that "seeing is the way that we make our way through the world and begin building models that help us to understand the problems we are faced with throughout our lives."