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Joseph Badaracco on Decision-Making When Both Outcomes Seem Positive

 - Feb 16, 2012
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In this address from Joseph Badaracco, a Professor of Business Ethics at Harvard Business School, he speaks about ethics in the current business environment.

He speaks about the wrongs of Enron, but also says that there is little value that can be provided to people from looking at the rights and wrongs of a particular company. He instead focuses his conversation on a different kind of problem, and discusses issues of right verses right problems.

He uses the company TYLENOL as an example, and shows how it one was involved in a scandal where they didn't know what was the right decision to make regarding it. In this scenario, two solutions seemed like they could both be the appropriate action to take to resolve the problem, making the decision making process harder.

In this interesting talk, Joseph Badaracco show how these type of ethical issues come up in everyday life and gives his audience insight for how to deal with them.