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Yvonne Camus' keynotes take a look at how putting in the effort pays off in big ways. As a graduate...

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Yvonne Camus Discusses the Beauty of Hard Work

 - Apr 12, 2012
References: thelavinagency & youtube
Yvonne Camus is a driven and hard-working dreamer. As a senior executive for a chain of health and fitness clubs, she has been allowed a front row seat for the impact if enthusiasm. Her speech is highly energetic and passionate. Her genuine speaking style is engaging, and allows viewers to reconsider the dynamic benefits of, as she says, "...a relentless, endless commitment to hard work."

Camus decided to work at her dream of finishing the Eco-Challenege, a global championship of adventure racing. The grueling training and experience of the race allowed Camus a hard earned wisdom, and insight on the benefits of hard work. She discusses the concept of 'Continuous Effort.' She argues that there is organic beauty in hard work, and that extraordinary success will come to those with extraordinary work ethic. She distinguishes the difference between a good worker and a great worker, emphasizing the continuous commitment to improvement. Even after a goal is reached and success has been had, there are always way to make things better.