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Drew Dudley Introduces the Concept of 'Lollipop Moments'

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: thelavinagency & youtu.be
Drew Dudley is a motivation and leadership expert and in this short speech he introduces a concept referred to as 'lollipop moments.' Drew Dudley begins his speech by arguing that individuals today take the role of leader much too seriously and that people are too afraid of taking credit for the small acts of leadership that take place and change lives every day.

Drew then shares the story of when he made a girl's first day of university easier and less frightening to explain the meaning of a 'lollipop moment.' This small act, which he can barely remember taking place, changed this girl's life for the better. Drew Dudley insists that these types of moments happen every day and that they have the power to transform someone's life. He encourages the audience to redefine leadership to be more about the small actions that have the ability make a big difference in someone's life.