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Arvind Gupta Shares His Educational Designs Made Using Garbage

 - Jan 13, 2012
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In this speech, educator and innovator Arvind Gupta demos the educational toys he creates for children using the most basic of materials, including garbage.

With a background in design and the motivation to teach children who have little to no hope of ever experiencing a formal education, Arvind Gupta began participating in teaching programs for the poor in India in 1978. While teaching, he came up with the idea to create simple toys with educational benefits using everyday, discarded items and objects.

Using materials including old pencils, straws, cardboard and Velcro, Arvind Gupta creates simple toys that teach kids important lessons in science, design and geometry. This inspiring presentation speaks to Gupta's philosophy for helping others by going to the people, living with them, starting with what they know and building on what they already have.