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Cameron Herold Outlines the Benefits of Untraditional Careers

 - Dec 24, 2011
References: backpocketcoo & youtube
In Cameron Herold’s entrepreneurial keynote speech ‘Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs,’ he adamantly expresses his belief in the need for a school curriculum that encourages entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur since childhood, Cameron Herold has helped businesses such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and become some of the most innovative and successful businesses in Canada. His entrepreneurial keynote speech focuses on getting children more involved in entrepreneurship at an early age. He argues that parents and educators should be instilling an entrepreneurial mentality in the minds of children in both the classroom and the home. His keynote explains why parents should stop encouraging their children to work towards becoming a doctor or a lawyer, and instead should motivate them to pursue different professions that complement their skills and interests.