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Natalie Warne Demonstrates How Anyone Can Achieve Success at a Young Age

 - Dec 24, 2011
References: ted
Natalie Warne speaks of how youth can be a vehicle of change with her keynote that follows her experiences working for the charity organization 'Invisible Children,' which promotes awareness concerning the conflict in Uganda and the exploitation of children as child soldiers, and demonstrates how young people can achieve anything they set out to do if they stay motivated and focused on their goals. Natalie was just 18-years-old and an intern at the organization when she influenced a rally of thousands of people to stand outside Oprah Winfrey’s studios. She was successful in getting the famous talk show host to bring global attention to the cause. Natalie’s ‘Being Young and Making an Impact’ keynote demonstrates that someone is never too young to influence change in the world if they have drive and determination. Natalie uses herself as an example of how a young person can achieve so much, and inspires the audience to think differently about youth and what they can bring to the workforce with her personal accounts regarding her time at Invisible Children.