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Mike Biddle Reveals a New Use for the World's Waste in 'We Can Recycle Plastic'

 - Dec 24, 2011
References: mbapolymers & youtu.be
Mike Biddle's 'We Can Recycle Plastic' speech summarizes the remarkable system he has created to recycle the world's waste. As someone who has been frustrated by the inefficiency of the world's current recycling systems and lack of effective policies, he developed his own process that creates an identical form of plastic that is created by extracting oil. 'We Can Recycle Plastic' reveals the opportunity to use today's waste as raw materials to produce indistinguishable products as those created with oil. Biddle offers a economically and environmentally sustainable business model that uses a wide variety of discarded plastics and metals, that uses eighty to ninety percent less energy and that offers products with exceptional eco-friendly qualities. Biddle offers a sustainable and affordable solution to one of the world's most important environmental concerns.