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This Sami Jo Small Speech Explores the Power of Enthusiasm

 - Apr 13, 2012
References: thelavinagency & youtube
This Sami Jo Small speech explores the dynamics of disappointment and the power of an enthusiastic attitude. Small was the gold medal-winning goalie for the female Canadian Olympic hockey team.

Small shares the anecdote of training for the big Olympic game. She endured grueling cardio work outs, and spent the majority of her energy focusing and revitalizing her skills. The night before the big game, she was informed that she would not be on the starting line for the gold-winning game. Her anger and disappointment was quickly transformed into optimism. Her enthusiasm in the locker room and on the bench drove the girls to do their best, and reach the team goal.

The impact of Small's attitude illustrates the huge importance of maintaining a positive attitude. While things may not be going according to Plan A or even Plan B, you should still expect yourself to execute Plan C with excellence and hard work.