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Brene Brown Discusses the Potential in Vulnerability

 - Mar 20, 2012
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Research professor at University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, Dr. Brene Brown spends her time exploration in the field of behavior, specifically focusing on vulnerability, courage, authenticity and shame. Following her first TED Talk, Brene Brown experienced a "shame hangover" in which she felt paralyzed for admitting her breakdown during the talk. In this compelling second keynote, Brene Brown makes an essential connection between vulnerability and courage, asserting that innovation, creativity and change all stem from that vulnerability.

Dr. Brown differentiates shame from guilt as shame focuses on the self, with thoughts like "I am something bad," versus guilt which is, "I did something bad." Brene Brown explores the unhindered success of those who confront their shame head-on, reinforcing that shame is an unspoken epidemic from which we need to be freed in order to reach our full potential.