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Don Tapscott Discusses the Effects of Online Life on Success Rates

 - Apr 9, 2012
References: dontapscott & youtube
Don Tapscott is a pioneer in the field of digital-economic trends. In 1995, he wrote ‘The Digital Economy’ that predicted the transformational nature that the Internet would have. He has gained a hard-earned wisdom and exposure to the trends within digital commerce and education. This speech reviews the misinterpretation of the digital generation.

Tapscott argues that the current generation of youth is the most intelligent of the past three demographics. While there are controversial statistics, he believes that the youth have outperformed the past generations in adaptability. He goes on to explain that educational systems have failed to revolutionize teaching styles, leaving students unengaged and unprepared for the digital economy. Students must be fully immersed and prepared for the ever-accelerating rate of change being seen in local and global markets.