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Geoff Colvin Discusses Staying Positive During Times of Change

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: damelionetwork & youtube
Geoff Colvin harbored an extensive amount of experience in both business and related fields. Colvin now stands as the editor in chief of Fortune magazine. His articles and essays are frequently cited, and Colvin is now considered an expert in the corporate world.

Colvin argues that Americans can make it through tough times in excellent shape. He believes that companies can re-adapt to the digital economy and the globalization of business practices. He draws on the history of American economics, reminding the audience that optimism has always been the way to bet on American economy. He argues that we must retain our willpower to apply a positive outlook on change in companies, government, education and culture. The reactionary attitudes to change will effect the country's future in the greatest way.