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Rahaf Harfoush Discusses the Challenge of Old-Market Rules and the Web

 - Apr 4, 2012
References: rahafharfoush & youtu.be
Rahaf Harfoush is a digital strategist, author and speaker who focuses on the "intersection of web culture, innovation and creativity." According to Rahaf Harfoush, there is a disjunction between the understanding of the Internet by those creating and implementing legislation and the way we now interact with content. This misunderstanding leads to the failure of old definitions of intellectual copyrights and creates a need for new ways to regulate the sharing of content.

This new culture of sharing has seen the emergence of such methods as creative commons and open source software, says Rahaf Harfoush, but old-market rules and regulation still infringes on the way an entire generation expresses itself. Instead, Harfoush suggests, it is time for companies to adapt their business models and revenue streams to adjust to the needs of an information-based economy.