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The Ayah Bdier keynotes unveil the potential of an accessible circuit building kit to teach kids...

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Ayah Bdeir Demonstrates Her Digital Version of LEGO

 - Apr 4, 2012
References: ayahbdeir & youtu.be
Ayah Bdeir is a Lebanese-Canadian artist, engineer and TED fellow who created littleBits, which is an open source kit of pre-assembled circuits that are joined together by tiny magnets. The designs from littleBits are open source, which means anyone can download the design files from the website and create them. Ayah Bdeir says that her goal is to provide non-engineers with such tools in order to make such electronic materials available to everyone, to encourage a world of creators and contributers.

In this brief and captivating talk, Ayah Bdeir demonstrates the need for a new kind of building block that is better suited to the new technology around us. The interchangeable blocks simplify programming and allow room for creativity, while also providing a medium for children and non-engineers to experiment with.