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Chris Trimble Highlights the Importance of The Performance Engine

 - Feb 22, 2012
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Business innovator Chris Trimble describes how breaking the rules in business does not always lead to a favorable outcome. Highlighting the importance of the performance engine and innovators' reliance on it, the expert urges individuals to never lose respect for their organization.

Innovators often feel like they are opposed by their own organizations. Despite their urge to break all the rules, the speaker encourages innovators to hold back on major risks because of their dependence on the performance engine.

Trimble stresses that profits from the performance engine pay for innovation and that it is unwise to antagonize the funder of one's support. He goes on to say that almost all innovations build on something within an organization that already exists.

While breaking the rules means taking a risk, Chris Trimble emphasizes the performance engine, stating that it always wins when hard work, organization and consistency is challenged by extreme ideas.