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Henrik Werdelin Discusses Ways to Work Creatively

 - Jan 15, 2012
References: blog.hellohenrik & youtu.be
Henrik Werdelin, entrepreneur at Index Ventures discusses different ways to generate innovation within a corporation. He advises companies to ditch quarterly brainstorms in which innovative ideas are discussed, because of their infrequency. Werderlin encourages CEOs to instead emulate architects, taking on the role of social engineers within their workplace. Workplace staff should be rewarded for real innovative behavior and great ideas, encouraging their creativity, invention and imagination.

If CEOs become Innovation Architects, creativity will become a part of their daily business model with constant idea surges instead of rare brainstorms. With this concept in mind, innovation occurs more naturally and consistently. Entrepreneur Henrik Werdelin concludes his concise and valuable talk by stating that "If it is brought into into a workplace structure, innovation will come."