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Jeremy Gutsche's Strategy Keynote Offers Unique Frameworks for Team Innovation

 - Dec 24, 2011
References: jeremygutsche & youtube
Jeremy Gutsche's strategy keynote explains how businesses, companies and organizations can foster a work culture in which creativity is unhindered by crisis, organizational structure or ineffective leadership. His strategy keynote outlines how a team can innovate by creating a coherent plan based on a very specific and clearly defined goal.

Sharing a variety of case studies and examples of businesses that were founded and created during periods of economic recession, Gutsche demonstrates why crisis and chaos can actually present a beneficial opportunity for businesses. Failures or setbacks force a team to reevaluate its methods and strategies, which can result in redefining goals. His strategy keynote offers an unconventional yet insightful perspective on innovation that really emphasizes the importance of working towards a specific goal.