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Lina Srivastava's Story Sharing Presentation Encourages Empathy

 - Oct 29, 2013
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In her story sharing presentation, Lina Srivastava explains how storytelling is linked to human rights. The speaker shares her personal experience of speaking to local women in Rwanda in July 2013. She discusses the difficulties with telling someone else's story, especially when that person might live in poverty or be a victim of violent atrocities. She asserts humility and empathy are the key characteristics to being a good storyteller in this instance.

Despite Srivastava's extensive experience in human rights, global development and storytelling, she found herself speechless multiple times in Rwanda. She notes the problematic nature of those in the West assuming a savior role when attempting to help others in developing countries. She recounts meeting a woman named Seraphine who guided her through a genocide memorial. The story sharing presentation was also meant to share this survivor's tale of having her entire family murdered in the 1994 genocide.