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Barack Obama's Presidential Victory Speech Inspires and Rallies the Nation

 - Nov 8, 2012
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The presidential victory speech by President Barack Obama inspired and rallied the nation about the next four years and the role he play in making the country stronger, more prosperous and more united. Having just been re-elected, the President returned to his hometown of Chicago to greet supporters and deliver the highly anticipated presidential victory speech.

He begins by telling the crowds that by reelecting him into office they reaffirmed the spirit of the nation that triumphs over war and recession. He describes the American nation as one people and assures his supporters that the best is yet to come.

Politics can change the lives of every single American, one story at a time. This, according to Obama, is why the elections matters so much. Tough times and big decisions stir passions and ignite controversies. This will never change, and Obama believes that it shouldn't because it is a mark of the country's liberty.