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Gemma Godfrey's Simple Communication Lecture Breaks it Down

 - Nov 27, 2013
In her simple communication speech, Emma Godfrey urges people in the finance industry to adopt a straight-forward approach. In fact, Godfrey has an easy acronym to remind everyone to stay direct -- KISS, or "Keep It Simple, Stupid."

Godfrey notes that there is a "void of understanding" in the finance industry. People tend to hide behind their words, using them as barrier, rather than a conducive force to communication. In her television career, Godfrey made convoluted arguments as a way to mask her insecurity, avoid criticism and sound more intelligent. However, this approach did not garner her any engagement from her intended audience. It was only when she removed her ego from the equation and thought about what her audience wanted to hear that she received responses.

She advises those in the finance industry to elucidate and stay relatable in order to achieve better results and build communication.