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Roman Krznaric Discusses the Drastic Changes That Come From Compassion

 - Mar 22, 2012
References: romankrznaric & youtube
Roman Krznaric is a leading lifestyle philosopher, holding an inspiring perspective on living daily life. He co-founded the School of Life, an agency for everyday life. He theorizes that emotion is at the heart of communication, which in turn is the key to thorough success. His genuine and dynamic arguments are engaging and though provoking.

Krznaric explains how the habits of highly empathetic people can positively effect business practices. He argues that empathy is at the heart of open communication, allowing for clarity and precision. When presenting ideas or working in a team, clarity is the ultimate goal. Concise communication allows for more efficient work processes, and more diligence within projects. In addition, allowing a relatable sense of union will create better team dynamics.