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Rebecca Saeger Reveals Three Steps on How to Let People Down Gently

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: youtube
In this short video, the CMO of the Charles Schwab Corp, Rebecca Saeger, gives some practical advice on how one can deliver bad news to employees, clients, customers and the public. By outline three important steps for how to best go about this difficult, but inevitable job requirement, Saeger shows the viewer that there are ways to make this task easier on both the person delivering the news and on the recipients of it. She explains that by having empathy for the individual involved it shows that you care about how they feel and that you’re actively listening. She also explains why it is necessary to be honest and straightforward with the people while offering them hope for the future. Rebecca Saeger demonstrates useful skills and tools that any leader in the working world can use when having to be the bearer of bad news in this concise and comprehensible talk.