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Ricky Gervais Engages in an Insightful Conversation About His Comedic Career

 - Feb 4, 2012
References: rickygervais & youtube
In this entertaining and insightful video conversation with comedian and actor Ricky Gervais, he discusses the principles of comedy and how they relate to a comedian's job. He explains that the role of comedian isn't just to make people laugh but also to make them think about why they're laughing. He explains that by using empathy one is also able to connect more with an audience in a way that isn't arrogant or self-serving.

He reveals that humanity, struggle and persona are all important factors when it comes to the art of comedy, and that most forms of comedy require one to incorporate aspects of their own personality in their comedic stylings. In this interesting conversation, Ricky Gervais shows how it is possible to do one thing very well.