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Michael Margolis Shows How to Learn from What We Teach

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: believemethebook & youtube
In this intriguing discussion with storyteller Michael Margolis, he tells the audience why people teach others what they need to learn most.

He explains this concept further by showing how life circumstances shape us. He shows that if we are willing to heal our past, we can transform our future, and by changing our future we also change our past. Margolis believes that we all have something that is driving our passion and curiosity. It is only when one can identify the clues of their past that they are able to see themes that have been driving their lives and be able to connect with them to become conscious of not only the story that they are living, but also of the one they want to create for themselves. This insightful talk with Michael Margolis will open the eyes of its viewers to new concepts of storytelling that they may have never previously considered.