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Isaac Mizrahi's Keynote Explores His Complex Creative Process

 - Jan 28, 2012
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Famed fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi's keynote discusses his complex and sometimes incomprehensible creative process. The designer explores his inability to sleep at night and names insomnia as an invaluable virtue.

Mizrahi's creativity is motivated by insomnia, urging him to pace, think, explore and create. The designer explains how his ideas come from mistakes and tricks of the eye. Mistakes can be beautiful and functional. For the designer, inspiration comes from the heart or the arbitrary and not from research for he believes that research should be fun, interesting and done on rare occasions when it is needed.

Isaac Mizrahi's keynote explores how every day things inspire the world around us. From people on the street to the artificial colors and characters in movies, fashion inspiration can be found all over.