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Jon Kolko Shows How Product Design Can Shape Corporate Culture

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: jonkolko & youtube
Designer and Educator Jon Kolko talks about his experiences working for Thinktiv and Frog Design and what they taught him about building corporate culture in this insightful conversation. He teaches his audience that the clients of both of these organizations were generally start-up ones, which meant that he was responsible for structuring the organization's values in the process of creating it's product's or service's image. Kolko also shows how in projects that he would design for larger corporations, such as an iPhone app or a website, that those particular items would often become political tools within the company they were created for.

In this eye-opening conversation with Jon Kolko, he shows his audience how design products, some that never see the light of day, also function as tools used to create a culture for many organizations and how this gives those products an additional value that is just as important as the product's original purpose to sell.