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Arthur Potts Dawson Aims to Minimize Food Industry Waste

 - Jan 20, 2012
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Chef Arthur Potts Dawson names the restaurant industry as the most wasteful in the world. Dawson aims to change the way we dispose of our food by bringing forth the truth about restaurant waste. The chef presents his revolutionary restaurant concept that aims to drastically reduce food, restaurant and supermarket waste.

His concept works at recycling and composting food waste while engaging in sustainable practices beneficial for the current state of our world. Dawson introduces the audience to Acorn House, a restaurant with recycled and recyclable furniture, storage and materials. The business is run on sustainable energy, and features reconditioned appliances.

In addition to sustainably designed spaces, the chef encourages personalized menus that allow customers to choose the volume of food that they will consume, ultimately helping to reduce waste. Though Arthur Potts Dawson realizes that waste is inevitable, he encourages people to minimize its impact by changing the way they run their restaurants.