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Jae Rhim Lee Explores The Relationship Between Our Bodies and The World

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: cnn & youtu.be
In this speech, artist Jae Rhim Lee discusses the multitude of environmental toxins existing within our bodies. Lee puts focus on BPA, a material hardener found in lining of canned foods and plastics. This chemical causes neurological and reproductive problems and exists within the majority of individuals' bodies along with an endless array of other preservatives and pesticides. As she explains, we are both responsible for pollution and its victims. Our bodies store toxins and release them back into the environment when we die. Jae Rhim Lee discusses how traditional funerals lead to a higher number of airborne toxins. By trying to preserve our dead bodies, we further harm our environment. Lee's 'Infinity Burial Project' uses mushrooms to decompose human bodies after their burial.

Lee presents a mushroom burial suit that integrates growing vegetables, allowing for a smoother and more efficient decomposition process. This process fuses art, design and science in order to cultivate mushrooms that decompose bodies, kill toxins and rejuvenate the environment.