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Graham Hill Examines How Less Stuff Can Lead to More Happiness

 - Dec 27, 2011
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In this speech, writer and designer Graham Hill discusses the benefits of edited space. Hill asks the question: does less stuff and less space make one's life better? Americans have three times the amount of space then the rest of the world's population. Despite of the extra room, we are running out of places to keep our possessions and are contributing to the growth of $20 billion industries like personal storage.

The designer examines the concept of why less can equal more. He speaks of the freedom associated with activities like college life, camping and travel. Less stuff gives individuals more time and more freedom. Smaller spaces with less in them equal to a smaller footprint and to more ease in one's life.

Graham Hill's project features his own 400 square foot apartment which he crowd-sourced with the aim of including all of his desired amenities within a compact space. Hill encourages individuals to edit their life, to cut extraneous items and to let go of things we truly do not need. He stresses for us to think before we buy, to design multifunctional spaces and to think small. The designer's mantra urges us to toss what we do not need and to make room for the good stuff.